September Pet of the Month: 

Chloe the majestic house cat!

The love between Mindy and Chloe is so evident in these portraits of the two of them. Chloe is such a well loved cat and she returns that love in the form of a constant and loyal companion. Chloe is a rescue cat with bright beautiful green eyes and a friendly and calm demeanor. 

I hosted a welcome home party for Mindy's artwork in her home. It was wonderful to share her reaction to seeing her artwork for the first time with all her friends! Thanks to Mindy for welcoming us in her home! Kian from Socialby Quaint Catering provided cat themed appetizers and even a cat themed house cocktail! We called it a "Cat-Tail" party!!


August's Pet Portrait of the Month:

 Gabi and Skylar!

Skylar and Gabi were a joy to photograph.  In keeping with the decor of there home we went with a ocean theme.