Do you want a portrait that is truly unique? A portrait that is designed around you and the styles and colors that you love? What about a portrait that is based on a theme like Old World Scottish Laird, or Steampunk?. You will start the process with a planning appointment, including choosing a color theme, location, and sketching ideas. 


The Bond

All pets have a place in the heart of their family. Each portrait is a glimpse. A moment in time that is there and then gone. Catch it and hold it for a lifetime with a portrait that captures the bond shared between human and animal. 



Classic, elegant, simple, unique. Build a wall full over time as your pet moves through life's stages. A simple one hour session either in the studio or on location will provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Minimal use of props and set decorations keep this style fresh and timeless. Add up to two people inone of the groupings to highlight your relationship to your special pet friend.