Hi, I am Erin Bonilla. I am the wife of an active duty military member, the mother of 3 young children, and a photographer. 

Both my parents were professional photographers, my dad still is. He is a photojournalist and semi retired. I remember them teaching me the basics of light and composition since I was old enough to use a camera. One of my favorite activities was to take pictures of the beautiful San Luis Obispo California area and my friends. My Mother handed down to me at the age of 12, a Nikon film camera and I have been shooting Nikon ever since. Photography has always been a large part of my life, but for a long time I considered the profession as something that other people could do but not me. I sort of kept my talent for photography a secret! Finally, I received my first DSLR camera about 3 years ago. Within one week I had it in on a tripod, knee deep in a river getting a long exposure image. Within 2 years my work had been published and I had won multiple awards. Photography has been my sole passion and focus, other than my family, not stop since then. 

I was born and raised on the Central Coast of California. As a young adult I earned my private pilot license and met the love of my life, Oswaldo, at the flight school. We were married and started a family together. There have been 7 moves in the last 10 years but I hope to settle down and stay in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia. 

Why pet photography you ask? Shortly after I got my first camera I put and invitation out to my friends asking for models to practice with. A friend of mine, Heather Beebe, said: "You can take pictures of my guinea pigs!" Well, it turned out that pictures of guinea pigs was outrageously fun and we would cry laughing every time we would get together to make art. She also brought over goats, hedgehogs, rabbits, frogs, dogs, cats, and fish. If I could photograph anything in the world, and the income would be the same no matter what I chose, I would choose to photograph animals. 

Now my purpose is to share that same joy with my clients and viewers. I love to make people laugh!! 


Please call me if you are interested in a pet portrait. I would love to help bring joy to your life for years to come with images of your beloved pets. 

(757) 912-5862